Robert Kelly (Earth-94831)
President Kelly is a villainous alter-ego of Robert Kelly found in the Exiles, while the mainstream Robert Kelly was also an enemy of the X-Men, he was never as villainous as many other anti-mutant extremists in Marvel, President Kelly however more than made up for this with his fascist-views on human/mutant relations in which he and an alternate reality Colonel Ross used mass-armies of Sentinels to ruthlessly hunt down and kill almost every mutant on the planet.

President Kelly was so xenophobic in this reality that he was disgusted when the Avengers opposed his mass extermination of mutants and was delighted when the heroes died in their efforts.

This would result in that reality's Magneto engaging in a genocidal plan to strike back, in the end President Kelly was killed by Hyperion, who snapped his back in order to become King of the United States.


  • This version of Robert Kelly is a fusion of mainstream Robert Kelly (a politician) and William Stryker (a murderous terrorist) - mainstream Kelly was never as murderous as this version and is more accurately an anti-villain, while this version is a clear-cut villain with little redeeming features.