The mage Precia

Presea (or Precia) Testarossa was one of the main villains in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

In the anime

She was a psychotic mage who was the main resident in the gloomy hideout in the Garden of Time. In the anime, she sends her daughter Fate to Earth to collect a set of Lost Logia known as the Jewel Seeds. She first appears in episode 7 as abusive and cruel, and shows it when she brutally whipped Fate when she failed to get enough Jewel Seeds, and for not disposing of the potential threat Nanoha.

When the Time-Space Administration Bureau arrived to arrest her, she defeats the first group. When she discovers that Fate was apart of the organization, she reveals that she had another daughter by the name of Alicia. When she died, she became obsessed with trying to revive her. She had a secret project which researched cloning and the forbidden art of ressurection: Project Fate. She purposefully tells Fate that she was a clone and never her real daughter, and that she wasn't useful to her anymore. She also desired to go to Al Hazard to receive the lost technology that would've finished her work in ressurrecting Alicia.

She then uses the nine Jewels to wish her into Al Hazard. However, her wish causes a dimensional disturbance, and the Garden of Time began to collapse. When escaping, Fate tries to save Precia, but the mad mage refuses her offer and laughs at her face. Therefore, she chose to die with the body of Alicia, and she falls into a dimensional void. However, in the movie, she suddenly came to the realization that Alicia wanted a younger sister, and that she should've treated Fate like her own daughter.


Fate is thrown into a dream by the Book of Darkness, and she meets an alternative version of her mother. Along with her twin sister Alicia, this represented the life that Fate always wanted, but she's forced to leave that world in order to save Nanoha and her friends. She also discovers the Wolkenritter, artificial beings that Fate felt connected. Despite her presumed death, Precia left a lasting legacy that impacted Fate's life.


  • Shes' voiced by Rei Igarashi in the Japanese version, whereas she's voiced by Julie Rei Goldstein in the English dub.
  • She, like other characters, is named after types of cars. In her case, she's named after Nissan Presea and Ferrari Testarossa.