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Prayogshaala are an evil anti-smoking organization from the 2007 film, "No Smoking" - they are similar in theme to many other such organizations in fiction, being willing to help society by ridding it of a perceived social sin but doing so in a manner that is completely at odds with civil and human rights.

Prayogshaala ensures its clients succeed in quitting by enforcing four stages of torture, each worse than the other :

  1. The first offense is almost killing a loved one by keeping him/her in a chamber full of cigarette smoke the person has smoked in his entire life for a duration of 5 minutes.
  2. The second offense is losing a finger.
  3. The third offense is the death of a loved one.
  4. The last offense is taking the soul of the person from his body although this offense is described very loosely.


  • Doctor Synapsis is a similar antagonist from Tales From the Darkside.
  • Quitters Inc. are another evil anti-smoking organization from "Quitters Inc."

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