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Prawn Fangire

Prawn Fangire

Prawn Fangire: Able to shoot foam and use a halberd, the Prawn Fangire worried for the well-being of his kind's existence and sought a means to revive those who died losing their souls. His plan comes to fruition in 2008, becoming a chef of the 5-star Maison Sel'cour, targeting couples who attend his restaurant to take their Life Energy, their souls fattened with his special sauces, in order to use the collected energy in reviving his Fangire servants whose remains he had been safeguarding. But instead of being destroyed by Kiva, the Prawn Fangire sacrificed himself to complete the resurrections, with the revived members of the Fangire Race merged into a Sabbat. Kiva manages to destroy the Sabbat with Castle Doran's help.

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