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Pravuil is a villain from The Keys to the Kingdom series. He used to be a Coal-Collator from the Deep Coal Cellar in the Lower House. Pravuil's loyalty has appeared to change hands many times. After betraying Arthur in Mister Monday, he flees using an elevator, later appearing in Sir Thursday as a Major in the Glorious Army of the Architect. On Superior Saturday's orders, he issues the changes to the Ephemeris of Colonel Trabizond Nage, which begins the New Nithling invasion.

Pravuil has likely been serving Superior Saturday since Grim Tuesday, meaning he resides in the Upper House. It is revealed that he works for Saturday, because in Superior Saturday she tells her replacement Dusk to have Pravuil strike Arthur when Friday ends and Saturday begins.


  • Erazmuz mentions that General Pravuil ordered the nuclear strike, meaning he may be one of Saturday's higher-ranked servants, which is also supported by the fact that Saturday asks for him by name
  • He is similar to Segai Waltz Makoto, at their early appearances they are quiet and do not seem to be the villains, but when the fight begins they become crazy, raw and wild
  • Pravuil is the name of an archangel mentioned in the Second Book of Enoch; the significance of this is unknown