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I never liked using these, takes away the rush. Squeezing the trigger, it's like ordering takeout. These are the thing. This is what I do, this is the pulse.
~ Mad Dog explaining his attraction to honarable duels

Mad Dog is the tertiary antagonist in the 2011 film The Raid: Redemption. He serves as the uncontrollable right hand man to Tama Riyadi, a notorious crime lord who rents rooms out to the criminals of Jakarta and manufactures drugs as well.

He was assumed to be the secondary antagonist in the first film, as that he was the right hand man of the film's antagonist but this was the judgment to reveal the true secondary villain.

In the squeal, The Raid 2, he serves as the anti hero/supporting protagonist before his defeat and death at the hands of The Assassin, all of which was caused by Bejo.

it realaved in The Raid 2 that he had ex wife and son.


Little is known of Mad Dog's past other then that he has "torn down walls" for his boss, Tama. Doni, a high ranking criminal in Tama's syndicate work together to ensure Tama's grip on power.

The Raid

A secret police force led by Lieutenant Wahyu and Jaka of the Jakarta police force is dispatched to find and kill Tama. But Tama is waiting and massacres most of the men. Mad Dog is hidden for most of the film, seen only waiting in Tama's room. But when Rama, a surviving rookie cop who kills many of Tama's men is running about, Mad Dog is dispatched to kill him.

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