Oh, for Heaven's sake!
~ Prak's last words

Prak is a minor villain in "Life, the Universe and Everything". He was on a trail in planet Argabuthon, and Prak was forced to tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth, but the surgeon gave him too much of the drug. So, Prak told the whole court every bit of truth about the Universe and shocked everyone who heard it, only "some of the good bits were about frogs." Prak likes to torment his psychiatrists mercilessly, and abuse others. He is very much a jerk and takes pleasure in other people's confusion and misery.

Prak leaves Zaphod, Tricia and Arthur disappointed when they meet him because they expected Prak to have the Answer to the Ultimate Question but he lets them down because first he didn't have a pen or paper, then he thought "Why bother?"

Prak regularly scoffs at people and believes he knows more than others.

Prak recounts the story of the Princes of the Plains and says he was a Forest Dweller, and that he holds a grudge against the Heart of Gold for starting the war, so he thinks. He tells Arthur where to find God's Last Message to His Creation, and then he dies of too much laughter because as soon as he meets Arthur, he bursts into laughter upon hearing his name.