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The Praetorian Guards are an antagonist faction in Ryse: Son of Rome, based upon the elite body-guards of Roman society - loyal to Nero and his two sons the Praetorians of Ryse are particularly brutal and dishonorable, taking pride in enforcing the lawless "rules" of the tyrannical Nero and his chaotic sons.

The Praetorians, on orders of their masters, crucified and flogged not only many Britons but also citizens of Rome - amongst other atrocities that led Marius to return to Rome under the guise of Damocles to exact a bloody vengeance, slaying many of the Praetorians as well as their masters to free Rome from their tyrannical rule as well as avenge the deaths of his own family (who were murdered by the Praetorians on behalf of Nero).

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