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Poultra the Chicken was the Yolkians' goddess, the mighty, most ferocious, creature in the universe and the tertiary antagonist of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and the episode The Eggpire Strikes Back. She is a massive chicken-like monster with three eyes.


She is taken care of by the Yolkians, lead by King Goobot. She attempted to eat all of the parents in Retroville in both of her appearances on the show.

In the first movie, Jimmy managed to steal the mind-controller and rescue the parents, leaving Poultra to starve to death and the Yolkians to plan to revive her.

Like all chickens, Poultra cannot fly or burp. Jimmy took advantage of this fatal weakness in "The Eggpire Strikes Back" when the Yolkians use Poultra's toenail and Jimmy's cloning device to bring her back to life.

He and his friends fill up Poultra's water dish with Purple Flurp and tricked her into drinking it. Once she did she exploded (getting rid of Sam's hair piece in the process).

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