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1 leopold Villain (DrApocalypse)

Potato is on the Extreme left of the Picture. Potato as she is sitting beside the Angry German Kid as she later Harasses him for Peanut Butter Bars.

I cannot help it anyways because I'm always desperate for them
~ Potato wanting peanut butter bars.
Will you shut up, you N-!
~ Potato calling the teacher the N-word.
Will you cock eating cunts shut the fuck up now!, I want my peanut butter bar goddammit!
~ Potato telling the classmates the shut up and wanting a peanut butter bar.
~ Potato begging Principle madwomen not the phone her dad.

Potato is one of the antagonists and anti-heroes of the Youtuber TheDrApocalypse and the famous series Angry German Kid, and has a pretty awkward name, she is often rude but often a scapegoat, she is also explicit in language, Also she is very annoying.

She has a major obsession with Peanut Butter Bars but has diabetes, There was a sausage Egg Shortage that caused Angry German Kid in minor panic and the Angry German Kid was Given Peanut Butter Bars. Hitler then tells Potato where she can get the Peanut Butter Bars, Potato's Nicely ask became a Constantly Harass as she was desperate for Peanut Butter Bars and The Angry German Kid was forced the share or else the Angry German Kid will be in trouble, that pissed of the Angry German Kid so much that the Angry german kid brutally beaten up Potato, She then stole the peanut butter bars from the Angry german kid and gone into diabetic shock after eating to much of them thus the smoke bomb was dropped.

She is in a Brimley Family which related real well the the Slikk Family, Angry German Kid, also known as Leopold Slikk is in the Slikk Family, They both decided to have dinner, Potato had diabetes so she had an apple instead of the other 2 sausage eggs, She constantly harasses the Angry German Kid and then ate one of his peanut butter bars, She was brutally beaten by the Angry German Kid's magic pencil.

She returned again asking for a peanut butter bar, Angry german kid lied to her but Potato believe in him until the end of first period which angered her, she was sent to Principle Madwomens office to give Potato a warning, He then came into Mr, Spielhousen's class but Potato still didn't stop harassing the Angry German Kid for Peanut butter bars and suffers peanut butter bars, She later called the Teacher the "N-word" and called the classroom "cock eating cunts", Students despised her and Potato poked the Angry german kid and then tries to grab onto the Angry german kid shaking him being overwhelmingly desperate for peanut butter bars and tried to go into his lunch kit, the Angry German Kid then brutally beaten up Potato and she awoken in the office and been giving a phone call to her dad which made her dad go insane and get suspended from his work for a month.

Potato was then forced to work at McDonalds and refuse to give to the customers and damage foods, she was later fired.

Overall, She has been through some terrible spinebreaking situations.