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Postmortem is a super-villain from the Marvel universe and an enemy of the vampire hunter Blade.  For decades Postmortem worked in his secret lab in the Chrysler Building's 13th floor on a project sponsored by Dracula. He invented nanites capable of rewriting entire genetic structures from within the bloodstream to transform their hosts into the next generation of vampires. The former scientist gave up his humanity and turned himself into the cyborg Postmortem to gain immortality.

Blade entered Postmortem's laboratory, which was filled with bodies preserved by an icy mist. A computer voice welcomed him to Project: Postmortem and then Postmortem entered the room. He thought Blade was sent by his shadowy sponsor (Dracula) to shut Project: Postmortem down, but Postmortem didn't want to allow this and attacked Blade. Postmortem attempted to kill the intruder with his chainsaw and the injections and continued the assault with the laser scalpel built into his right arm, when he failed to reach Blade with the other weapons. Blade was able to avoid the laser shots as well and plugged the laser cannon with a dagger when Postmortem paused. He warned the cyborg that his next shot would kill him, but Postmortem ignored the warning (maybe on purpose) and died screaming in a buzzing explosion caused by the feedback (Tzztzt! Aiieee!). Dracula watched the fight over a surveillance camera in the lab and wasn't pleased to see Postmortem die without killing Blade.

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