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The Post War Administration Bureau (also known as P.W.A.B. for short) is a secret society in the Guilty Gear franchise. As their name implies, they were founded in order to manage affairs in the aftermath of the War of the Gears, yet the war ended, their influence proved unessesary, and they retreated to the shadows thus turning them into a much more villainous group. Their primary interest now seems to maintain power at all cost. They served as the main villain of Guilty Gear's story mode and are the ones responsible for transforming Aria and Testament into Gears and creating Eddie. They have all of the characters' biography and information through reports with the excludation of I-No.

Known Members

  • Crow - One of the division's heads and its scientist.
  • Geena - Assassin/hunter


  • P.W.A.B. is very similar to Akatsuki since both were originally created to help people in wars (Akatsuki-stop wars; P.W.A.B.-negotiations) but then turned into villainous criminal groups. They also have some similarities when it comes to capturing powerful beings (Akatsuki-Jinchuurikis; P.W.A.B.-Gears).
  • P.W.A.B. is also very similar to H.Y.D.R.A. as both are war criminals, both are fond of mythological beings & the unexplained (P.W.A.B.-exorcism, notably Zappa; H.Y.D.R.A.-Norse Mythology) & both experimented human beings.
  • Though their lairs aren't physically shown, the stages of Slayer, Justuce & A.B.A. in Accent Core serves as the representation of P.W.A.B.'s bases & headquarters.

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