Translation from Bureaucratese: They're hosed and I'm the only one who can cut their losses. That's the trouble with working for the largest bureaucracy in human history. Hail the glorious Post-Terran Minerals Corporation. Huzzah.
~ Material Defender, during a briefing

The Post-Terran Mining Corporation is an organization in the Descent video game series. It is led by Samuel Dravis and owns numerous mines spread throughout the solar system. They even have mines set up in systems outside our own.


The scientists at PTMC were experimenting with a computer virus of unknown origin. They were modifying it and uploading it into the machines that inhabited the mines. Once the robots were infected with the virus, they started to turn on the workers, imprisoning some and doing away with the rest.

Dravis sent a mercenary to deal with the robots while his cohorts enhanced the virus to spread it throughout the galaxy. To ensure that the material defender would never return, he purposely sabotaged the warp core of the defender's ship to send him into a star. But the mercenary was rescued by the Red Acropolis Research Team, who had been investigating PTMC.

The director of the Red Acropolis informed the mercenary that she was unable to get the Collective Earth Defense (CED) to keep the PTMC in check, since they didn't dare face off against a powerful corporation. She also explained about Dravis' evil intentions, and the mercenary agreed to stop PTMC once and for all.

When the mercenary confronted Dravis for the final time, a fight ensued, and Dravis was mortally wounded by the Guide-Bot's flares. The mercenary attempted to cancel the virus' uploading, but found it could only be deactivated by Dravis himself. Using Dravis' hand, the mercenary stops the virus, disabling all of the mining robots. Once the CED arrived on the scene, they destroyed PTMC headquarters.