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The Porkfillet Ensemble are the main antagonists from MuchiMuchi Pork. They are aliens from the planet Iberian, where all animals have evolved into human-like creatures, and seek to take over Earth and have people eat more pork.


  • General Porkfillet: The leader of the ensemble, he is an anthropomorphic pig. Despite that, he's actually angry that Earthlings are eating more beef than pork, and wants to change that. Pilots the Jamon Iberico.
  • Sergeant Wing: A anthropomorphic chicken who wears a gas mask. Pilots the Turkey Pastrami.
  • Major Sirloin: A anthropomorphic ox, and the muscles of the group. Pilots the Beef Strogonoff.
  • Warrant Officer Lamb: A anthropomorphic sheep, she's the youngest and only female of the group. Pilots the Shuuparou.
  • Ensign Sakura: A anthropomorphic horse, and second-in-command of the group. Pilots the Horse Sashimi.

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