Psycho Pop N' Fresh
In the parody animated series, MAD: The Animated Series, Pop N' Fresh normally a heroic character that appears in Pillsbury commercials as the corporate mascot serves has parodied as a psychopath and an murderer that antagonizes the police forces. He is a parody of his heroic counterpart Pillsbury and the criminal Tony Montana.

Role in MAD

The police officers discover that Pillsbury is sabotaging the kitchen while doing baking pasta cakes.

Pillsbury seeks rampage on the kitchen and antagonizes the cops by holding his gun in a attempt to torture the police, the cops then tried to shoot him, but Pillsbury survives from the bullet that tickles him in the process, Pillsbury was still laughing with his sick laugh as well.

The police officers defeat him by sending him to the oven, baking him alive once and for all. His corpse is used as a food, the fact was revealed that Pillsbury was presumably eaten by the police officers.