Pontius Pilate is a secondary antagonist from the 2014 television miniseries The Bible. Pilate was married to Claudia Procula.


After arriving in Judea Pilate set to work to quickly bring order to the populace. Under the pretence of meeting to hear their grievances Pilate set his troops upon the Jews, having a large number of them killed. He also threatened to have the Passover festivities cancelled and martial law imposed in Jerusalem if the disturbances continued.

While tempting Jesus Christ in the desert Satan showed Christ a vision of him sitting in a throne room with Pilate washing his feet and paying homage to Christ. Satan told Christ that this vision could come true if Christ worshiped him, however Christ refused to take the bait and told Satan to go away.

The Jewish authorities soon approached Pilate with Jesus Christ, wanting him put to death. Pilate questioned Christ at length and came to believe that Christ was not a threat to the state and had done nothing worthy of death. While Christ was in custody Claudia told Pilate of a dream she had concerning Christ, and begged her husband not to have Christ put to death. Pilate responded that the Emperor had warned him that he had already given Pilate one chance to meet his expectations, and that he would not give Pilate another one.

Pilate decided that in order to keep the peace he had to take action. He offered the crowd either Jesus or Barabbas, and seemed perturbed as they chose Barabbas.


In the miniseries Pilate was portrayed by Greg Hicks.