Pontius Pilate is a minor antagonist from the 1961 film Barabbas.

The movie begins as Pontius Pilate was questioning the population of Jerusalem over who should be released. Barabbas, a hardened criminal who had been condemned to death, or Jesus Christ. The crowd chose Barabbas. Pilate found himself surprised and amused. Pilate predicted that Barabbas would soon be arrested again.

Pilate would soon be proven correct in his prediction after Barabbas threw stones at one the high priests who had killed his former lover Rachel. Barabbas was quickly captured by Roman soldiers and brought before Pilate again.

Studying the laws Pilate discovered that a man pardoned for a capital offence could not be sentenced to death again. Pilate sentenced Barabbas to the mines of Sicily, which for all intents and purposes was a death sentence. Barabbas somehow however managed to survive all the way through to Nero's reign and was finally crucified during the purges following the Great Fire.