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A street, Swedish, fish inside a robot suit. He is obsessed with "bling-bling", and will get it at all costs. However, he truly carries a Swedish accent which he reverts to whenever people can't understand him. He is usually accompanied by his female henchmen, the "Blixens". He reappears in "League of Evil" as a member of the league. Also he makes good steaks as found in the Evil Villains Picnic in "Deja Foo." In "Fighting Fooberty", he was revealed to actually be a golden pollywog. Later in the same episode, he underwent a botched nose job from "Da Swedish Vet" that gave him an elephant trunk. At the end of the episode, he returned to his robot suit (after having being kicked out of it by Yin and Yang) in a terranium, since he had acquired the abilities of breathing out of water, a powerful frog jump, and a very powerful tongue when he turned into a frog, though in later episodes he is returned to being a goldfish.

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