Poly and Esther

Poly and Esther are the main villainess and final boss from Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and Bubsy 3D. This two-headed alien is the queen of the Woolies, a alien race from the planet Rayon.

In the first game, the Woolies have invaded Earth to steal all of Earth's yarnballs (it is not specified what use they have for it). Since Bubsy owns the biggest collection of yarnballs in the world, he decides to fight them to protect his collection. He defeats the Wollies and fights Poly and Esther, who retreats after being defeated.

In Bubsy 3D, Poly and Esther enact a plan to take revenge on Bubsy, sending a UFO to Earth which kidnaps Bubsy and brings him to their home planet. However, Bubsy escapes and starts looking for parts to create a rocket ship to return home. Poly and Esther then gives a long speech to her subjects, rallying them to go after Bubsy and stop him. Bubsy collects the parts and defeats Poly and Esther, escaping the planet on his rocket. However, he puts too much power on it, ending stranded in prehistoric times and thus allowing the Woolies to continue with their plans.