Pollux Troy

Pollux Troy

Pollux Troy
is the secondary antagonist in the 1997 film Face/Off. He is the younger brother of the notorious terrorist Castor Troy. He is the creator of the "Sinclaire" nerve gas bomb that would destroy more than 2.5 km. His age is unknown but varies between 19 and 25 years.

He was portrayed by Alesandro Nivola. In the film, he is stopped by Sean Archer and his team along with his brother as he flies in a private jet. It led to a high-security prison where Sean Archer, in the body of his brother try to view the information he can get about the bomb. Castor, with face and body of Sean Archer, arguing him out of prison to be a star witness. He died during a shootout after falling from the top of a glass roof thanks to Sean Archer. Castor, on Archer's body, clasping his shoelaces as the beginning of the film.


  • Castor calls him "bro" which bothers him.
  • It has a serious character, except when he's happy, that is cheerful and playful.
  • Its challenging to the authorities, but not conflict for them.
  • No flies without his older brother.
  • Never takes off his glasses and usually has the laces untied.
  • Is the only person that Castor has a sincere affection.
  • Is very smart and clever.
  • Castor tell him: "if I did not love you so much, I'd have to kill you".
  • Castor given him medicine for years: Divex.