Pollux was a clone of Barry Allen created by Dr. Jason Brassell to be a test subject for a super soldier. Brassell and his team named Pollux after one of the Gemini twins and gave him a blue outfit similar to the Flash's costume with a logo of the company Brassell worked for which was Intellagen Corp.

Pollux was able to learn things quick, however he had the emotional behavior of a child and escaped from the lab. Pollux turned a merry-go round into a whirlwind in a playground which caused him to have a violent encounter with the Flash and Tina McGee. Pollux learned he had a double and developed feelings for Tina.

Pollux questioned Brassell to who he was since and Brassel insisted he was a nobody which caused Pollux to murder his business partner. Pollux decided to steal Barry's since he didn't know who he was. Brassell was wounded when he tried to gun down Pollux. Flash confronted Pollux and they started to fight. Brassel tried to kill Flash, however Pollux took the bullet for him and died.


Super Speed


Superhuman metabolism

Childish behaviors

Physical Appearance

Pollux's costume is similar to Flash's, except it's blue and has silver highlights. He also has a symbol of the god, holding a thunderbolt on his chest.


-He was inspired by Eobard Thawne, a criminal from the future obsessed with replacing Barry Allen and even went far in having plastic surgery to resemble Barry as well as replicating the accident that made him the Flash.

-He was inspired by the Superman villain Bizzarro since he was a clone created in a lab by an evil businessman who was a known enemy to the hero.