The Police Chief is a minor villain from Armed Police Batrider.

The current chief of police of New York, he's been involved in drugs dealing. D.D., one of the detectives under his command, eventually discovered this during an investigation and attempted to gather evidence, only to fall into a trap set by the Police Chief and end accused himself of drug trafficking and arrested. Shorty, another detective, grew suspicious of D.D.'s arrest and ran her own investigation, discovering about the set-up. However, she too was framed and arrested. When Juuji, a fellow detective, found out his partners had been arrested, he flew into a rage and started beating up everyone in the district, including the Chief, and was then arrested as well.

When the Police Chief learns about the Zero-Cop project to take down Gigantech Cybertron, he petitions for the three detectives to be scouted into the group, forming the Police Team. However, his true intention was for them to die in the mission, as he knew they were too dangerous for him even in prison. Unluckily for him, they accomplish their mission and return alive to his surprise. The three return to the district, where they scare the Police Chief and take him under arrest.