Polarus is an anthropomorphic militar polar bear who decided to call forth his army of penguins to take drastic measures against global warming, by freezing the entire planet and its inhabitants out of spite. He is one of the many villains that the agents Coqueta and Audaz fight in the commercials used to advertise Coqueta & Audaz line of shoes for toddlers and kids.

His arsenal includes a freezing gun, a jetpack with metallic wings and an igloo-shaped tank. His penguin army are also equipped with freezing guns, wear glasses and fly with the help of propeller helmets. According to the game he also has two commanders, an artic wolf and a walrus.

In the commercial and comic, the zealot polar bear swore he'd be back and flew away after the duo jammed his tank's cannon with one of their diskers and exlpoded. In the game they confronted him in its tank again, where he was presumedly defeated a second time.



  • So far, Polarus is the only C&A villain to be featured as a videogame final boss at the official website.
  • He made cameos in Ligrin and Bela & Lugosi's commercials.