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Polaris is a minor antagonist in the video game Darkspore. He was a commander of the Darkspore under The Corruptor, originally the Crogenitor Xylan, and was once a Crogenitor himself, but joined The Corruptor to cripple the Galaxy's peaceful Empire to get revenge on his fellow Crogenitors.


During his youth, Polaris was very weak, but had a fascination in Quantum powers. Years later, Polaris built a prototype powered exoskeleton that mastered Quantum teleportations and other ablilities. When Polaris presented his creation on the planet Perceptum, the capital of the Galaxy's government, the Crogenitor Empire, he was never looked down upon by his fellow Crogenitors for a long time. However, this was not to last. When a power hungry Crogenitor scientist named Xylan injected E-DNA into various species, they became the evil invaders known as the Darkspore and went on a rampage across the Galaxy. During the resulting war's beginning, th Darkspore attacked Perceptum and the battle ended with the Crogenitor Emperor being assassinated and Polaris's Quantum machine was damaged beyond repair. Polaris was unable to repair the exoskeleton due to his physically weak state and wondered how such monsters could destroy something that powerful. Later, Polaris crossed paths with an exiled Xylan, who was now in control of the Darkspore as The Corruptor. The Corruptor offered Polaris a chance to become as powerful as he was now. Polaris accepted the offer and became a servant of The Corruptor, at the cost of causing the Galaxy's downfall.

Years later, The Corruptor stationed Polaris and his army of Darkspore on Zelem's Nexus. Meanwhile, A surviving Crogenitor began liberating planets from the Darkspore. In response, Polaris ordered his grip on the Nexus to be doubled, but a group of hero squadrons killed off a majority of Polaris's troops. Polaris eventually came face-to-face with the Crogenitor and a former technician native to Zelem's Nexus named Vex and attacked them. Polaris underestimated the power of good and Vex struck Polaris multiple times while teleporting. Eventually, Polaris gave in to his injuries and died; Zelem's Nexus was saved.