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Pokemonkey is a robot assassin in the newspaper comic Liberty Meadows. It was a knock off of the franchise Pokemon.


Pokemonkey was a Pikachu-like assassin droid that was created by Evil Brandy as a means to assassinate Frank Mellish. It was also made abundantly clear by the creator of the comic himself that the Pokemonkey wasn't an example of copyright infringement and that the name was different.

When it seemed like the assassin droid had killed the non-evil Brandy in an explosion, Frank grabbed a gun and attempted to shoot it. The Pokemonkey was shot in the eye, and the artificial skin covered it back up in a reference to the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

The Pokemonkey was defeated when Frank asked for a miracle to happen. The miracle so happened to be Frank Cho's (the creator of Liberty Meadows) syndicate lawyer forcing Cho to write out the Pokemonkey because of copyright issues, and, as a result, the Pokemonkey vanishes leaving Frank astounded.

It's catchphrase was 'Resistance is futile.'