Poison Fang Mask is a Black Crusade Monster. His main ability involved using various snakes in combat, including living snakes as well as snake bombs. He likewise has a staff that can emit fire or send out snakes and uses a flute that can control snake bombs that he can set and attack with.

After Crescent Moon Mask's defeat Poison Fang Mask appeared when the Black Cross Fuhrer called out his name. Poison Fang Mask's scheme involved the assassination of the foreign dignitary Smith, a Nobel laureate who had appeared in Japan to try and find his long-lost daughter he left behind fifteen years prior. Though the Gorenger protect him with intent, Poison Fang Mask has him bitten by the venom of a Super Cobra, with poison that will eventually kill him. Shinmei and Ooiwa get the Super Cobra venom from another source for an antidote to be made, while Poison Fang Mask attacks the other Gorenger with snake bombs he sets to blow them up. After eliminating the Snake Bombs by using them on Zolders, the team eliminate Poison Fang Mask with the Gorenger Storm.