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The Agenda cloned a number of superhumans and made the clones into their Point Men. The Agenda would have preferred to have uncloned superhumans at their disposal, and considered the Point Men a very disposable temporary group of agents.

The Agenda sent the Point Men to destroy Young Justice, and the Point Men succeeded in taking over Young Justice's Justice Cave and forcing the heroes into hiding.

The Point Men attacked Wonder Girl II's mother Helena Sandsmark, but were stopped from hurting her by Young Justice and Empress.

When the Point Men started to question their origins, Contessa revealed they were clones and Amanda Spence berated them, telling them they weren’t as good as real people. The Point Men turned against the Agenda, helping Young Justice free Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, all prisoners in the Agenda’s Alaskan headquarters. The Point Men and Young Justice captured Amanda Spence and defeated all the present Agenda agents.

The Point Men aided Young Justice in a war against Zandia.

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