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Poemi is a major antagonist of The Gray Garden. She likes toys (including killing and torture). She is also Ivlis's underling and daughter.


Poemi has light brown hair that is tied into two ponytails by red ribbons, with horns that are larger in proportion with her than every other demon shown in the game. Her wings are red, and batlike, and she has very reptilian red hands and tail.


Poemi is very childish, of course going with the fact that she is supposed to be a young girl, however, despite her immature personality, she is very sadistic and cold-hearted, so she likes to torture prisoners of the flame world, this is shown by one of the endings where she tortures Yosafire and the gang to death.


  • She's the shortest character in the game (but still taller than Wadanohara).
  • It would seem that she is Vendetto's little sister, for it's heavily implied in the game that Ivlis is also her father as well.
  • On her profile, it states she was born from fire, presumably with the assistance Ivlis.
  • She, along with Rieta, are the only two characters to have colored skin.

Theme Music​

Gray Garden Soundtrack Poemi Battle (Maoudamashii Rock44) (MP3 Ver 1

Gray Garden Soundtrack Poemi Battle (Maoudamashii Rock44) (MP3 Ver 1.0)


Vs. Emalf and Poemi ( Rock 47 ) The Gray Garden