Pocus trying the Eternity Wand's powers after having stolen it the first time.

Pocus was the main antagonist of the Game Boy Advance Game "Frogger the Lost Wand." After Frogger finds Doves in his refrigerator, and his remote explodes into flower pedals, Pocus comes out of his mirror. Pocus lies to Frogger that his name is Hocus. He explains to Frogger that the reason for all of these strange occurences was that the Eternity Wand, a wand that keeps all of the Elements (Fire, Ice, Darkness, Light, and Wisdom) in harmony, broke into five pieces. (What he doesn't mention though, is that he is the one that broke it accidentally, after he stole it.) He needs Frogger to get these shards so that the Eternity Wand will be whole again, and Frogger agrees to help Pocus.

Frogger Suspects Something Fishy

Pocus can see through Frogger's eyes and talk to Frogger when he is far away. In the first stage of the third island, Volcano Island, Frogger suspects that Pocus is up to something nefarious, but "he can't quite put his finger on it."

Pocus Reveals his True Intentions

After Frogger defeats the giant robot in Future Island, Pocus is quite demanding for the fifth shard, which would unite the Eternity Wand, but Frogger is unsure why. Frogger then realizes that he has been used by Pocus, the tyrant. Frogger got the five shards for Pocus, unknowingly, so that Pocus could have ultimate control over Magic World and rule Magic World the way he wanted everything to be.
Pocus evil

Pocus regaining power, after having Frogger reunite the Eternity Wand.

The Real Hocus

The real Hocus is revealed to have been locked by his brother Pocus, and Frogger helps to free Hocus of the glass cage.

Hocus then confronts Pocus, telling him that the power of the Wand is too much for him, but Pocus ignores him, and he challenges Frogger to a matching game. Frogger matches all five elements, causing Pocus to lose control of the Wand, and Hocus to regain control over the wand.

Pocus Redeems Himself

Pocus apologizes to both his brother and Frogger for everything that he had done. It is seen at the end, that Pocus has finally learned to control the Eternity Wand, and has a wand of his own. 

Hocus (left) and Pocus (right) with their Eternity Wands.