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The Poachers are main antagonists of the 1994 direct-to video film Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle. They hunt animals in Africa to make money for the circus.

Role in the Film

The poachers are first seen when Tooey and his mother are in the grasslands. One of the poachers shot Tooey's mother with a tranquilizer gun, bringing her to the circus under construction in a campsite. They also captured Tooey with a net to bring him to the circus. After Leo rescues him from the poachers, Leo teaches him how to have courage like him. The poachers are seen again when they are planning to make the circus in order to have more money. After Leo helps the other animals, they all rush to rescue the caged animals from the poachers. The animals start to disrupt the plan by getting into their campsite. The poachers are all frightened by the animals. Before the day is saved, the animals start to scare them away before they congratulate Leo.

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