The Poacher King

The Belsar Corporation of Animal Protection (ベルサー動物保護法人) is the villainous organization and the main antagonist of the arcade game Growl. (Runark for Japanese) They are led and managed by a mysterious Poacher King who is not what he seems.


At the early 20th century overhunting and poaching of animals from various continents have driven animals to the brink of extinction. Amongst the groups of poachers one organization quickly rose to notoriety, Belsar Corporation of Animal Protection: the biggest organization of poachers and with the most widespread influence. WAPS (World Animal Protection Society) has dispatched 4 rangers to stop Belsar Corporation of Animal Protection from poaching any more wildlifes.

So the 4 rangers journey through village, jungle, river, train and cave to fight poachers armed with swords, knives, pipes, guns, whips, grenades and even rocket launchers. Along the way rangers manage to free captured animals, and animals in return aid rangers and slaughter their former captors. After slaughtering and blowing up poachers to the pukes of flesh and gore the four rangers reach the organization's secret hideout where it holds a lot more beasts captive and face a final showdown with its leader, the Poacher King.

Poacher King

The Poacher King is the main villain and final boss from Growl. This mysterious figure is the leader of the poachers whom the Ranger Corps fights throughout the game. He initially appears as a masked hunchback wearing a ringmaster attire and equipped with claws. When the players face him, he will come out of a tank and nonchalantly lift up the tank with his hands to throw it at the player. He mainly attacks by jumping around, shooting from his claws and from a rocket launcher hidden on his hunch.

In what's likely the weirdest plot twist ever, once he is defeated his corpse starts moving, and his hunchback bursts out to reveal a large worm-like monster, which is revealed as the true boss behind the poachers. On this form the boss remain stationary, only spinning around and occasionally shooting a explosive fireball. Once it is defeated it explodes, and all animals captured by him are freed.



  • Due to the organization's name Belsar, gamers have wondered any potential relation to Darius series and if they share the same universe. Taito has declined to comment.
  • Female villains are called Dolls in Growl and Vetchi in Runark.