Po Kwong 
is the main antagonist of the 1995 action film My Father Is a Hero, released on the United States as The Enforcer. He is a psychopathic Hong Kong gang leader who police officer Kung Wei is forced to face off against while pretending to be a criminal. 

He is portrayed by Yu Rongguang.


Po Kwong meets undercover cop Kung Wei and his partner Darkie in Hong Kong, the latter of which used to work for Kwong. The two are inducted into Kwong's gang. During an arms deal with foreign criminals, Kwong double-crosses the criminals and instigates a gunfight in the store. Kwong flees and Wei is forced to take an inspector hostage in order to escape, attracting the attention of the inspector's girlfriend, policewoman Anne Fong. 

Kwong makes a plan with a business partner to hold an auction full of people hostage and rob them before killing them all. Some time later, Kwong picks up Wei's son, Johnny Kung Ku, and takes him to his hideout. Upon learning that Ku's father is a police officer, Kwong beats Ku severely, but Ku survives by faking his death. Kwong disposes of Ku in a garbage bag. Later on, Kwong discovers that Wei is a police officer and tries to kill him, but Wei escapes. The following day, Kwong puts his plan to rob the auction into motion. While there, Kwong murders Darkie.

At the auction, Kwong blows up his business partner and prepares to rob the boat full of people, but he is foiled by Wei and Ku. The father and son battle Kwong and his men, with the battle culminating in Kwong attempting to blow up the ship. He tries to drag Wei with him to his death, but Wei knocks Kwong unconscious and just barely escapes the boat before it explodes, killing Kwong.