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Pneumatic Pnorman

Pneumatic Pnorman is the secondary antagonist in the Phineas and Ferb episode, Steampunx. He is the 1903 equivalent of Norm and the servant of Professor Von Doofenshmirtz.


He looks similar to his counterpart, except he has a handlebar mustache, and his lower half is a steam engine locomotive. He has difficulty in telling different objects apart. For example, he mistakes von Doofenshmirtz's nemesis Swerry the Swan for a cucumber, and also mistakes his daughter Vanessa Von Doofenshmirtz for a 1903 Danville World's Fair commemorative coin. During the course of the episode, he assists von Doofenshmirtz in attempting to destroy the Danville World Fair with a giant swan. It is unknown what happened to Pnorman after Swerry defeated Von Doofenshmirtz, though he may have presumed to have been deceased, since the story took place about 90 years ago as Lawrence was telling it during the present time to the Phineas and the gang.