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Pluto is a mutant from the remake film The Hills Have Eyes and is cousin to Lizard, Goggle and Ruby. Pluto first appears at the start of the film, attacking a trio of scientists working out in the desert. He later appears helping Jupiter and Lizard drag Bob Carter into their mining lair.

A little while later, he and Lizard ransack the Carters’ trailer, and they burn Big Bob on a nearby stake as a distraction. Pluto attempts to rape Brenda but Lizard beats Pluto off and rapes Brenda himself. Angry at Lizard bullying him, Pluto throws a violent tantrum, only stopping when he notices the baby Catherine in the trailer. When the family returns, Pluto and Lizard run off, taking Catherine with them.


Pluto later appears to attack Doug Bukowski, Lynn Carter’s husband. Although Pluto very nearly succeeds in killing Doug, he is momentarily distracted and Doug manages to fight back, and succeeds in killing Pluto with his own axe.

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