Pluto is the main villain and fake last boss from Battle Circuit. He is the boss of the Delete Gang, and is after the Shiva System disk. With the disk, he plans to activate the Shiva System, which can control all computers in the world, then allowing him to conquer the world. Johnny retrieves the disk, but before he can send it to Pluto, the five bounty hunters defeat him. As they try to get the disk, Dr. Saturn invades the place and steals the disk. Pluto then orders Zipang to retrieve the disk, so he captures Dr. Saturn and the bounty hunters, leaving them in their prison camp, while he delivered the disk to Pluto. The bounty hunters escape the camp and chase Zipang, defeating him. Zipang then tells that he already gave the disk to Pluto, and that he went to the Shiva System ruins to activate it. Pluto leaves Barbara to watch the outside of the ruins, while he activates the system. The bounty hunters defeat Barbara ad enter the ruins, but Pluto had already activated the system, so he decides to fight them, so that they cannot interfere him any more. He ends defeated, but then the Master Program materializes, forcing the bounty hunters to fight it.