Pluto's devil
Pluto's Devil is a recurring antagonist in the Pluto cartoons, released by Walt Disney - he is an example of the villain archetype and morality villain known as a Shoulder Imp.

As such Pluto's Devil exists to embody the darker side of Pluto's mind, such as jealousy, pride and temper - often encouraging Pluto do commit mean-spirited actions such as bullying, snapping and other bad behavior.

Opposed at all times by Pluto's Angel the Shoulder Imp is doomed to failure inkeeping both with Disney's traditional values as well as the accepted rules of the Shoulder Imp archetype - he commonly disappears in a puff of smoke and is shown to be a coward (again, a trait he shares with many Shoulder Imps in fiction).

One of the cruellest acts Pluto's Devil tried to get Pluto to do was drown a kitten, an event that prompted Pluto's Angel into action - beating Pluto's Devil soundly before snapping Pluto out of the imp's influence so he could save the kitten and see the errors of his ways.