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Terrible things come in small packages.

Plushtrap is a minor antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is a plush version of Springtrap, known then as Spring Bonnie.

Unlike the other animatronics, he does not actually kill the child, only serving to prevent the nights from going on quicker.

Role in the series

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Plushtrap is featured in a post-night minigame. Using a flashlight, the hallway can be illuminated to Plushtrap. Catching him on the white "X" allows skipping two hours the next night.

However, if the timer is to run out, Plushtrap gets out of view, or further than the X, the minigame ends with no bonus.

Also, if the player isn't attentive enough, Plushtrap will scare him, and the bloody screen will appear.


Like his counterpart, Plushtrap appears as a rotten, decayed little animatronic whose looks like a rabbit. He has enormous eyes with blacks pupils and two rows of sharp, white teeth.

In the teaser image, Plushtrap was much bigger.


At first, Plushtrap appears as a harmless, albeit quite frightening plush, but once the kid cut the lights off, he shows his real nature: an extremely malevolant, dangerous and mischievous trickster.

Plushtrap only moves when there are no lights. Once the hallway is illuminated, Plushtrap won't move anymore. However, he can quickly hide behind one of the four adjacent rooms; if he does so, the player automatically lose the minigame.

Plushtrap is the only animatronic that does not truly harm the child, though it does frighten him. Why the child is playing the game, how it affects the time, and his ultimate role are unknown.



  • In the teaser image that appears to be him, the source code for name are "Cyh", "gvh" and "gpe", if decrypted and combined together as a single word, the word "Plushtrap" is revealed, also confirmed by Scott Cawthon shortly afterwards.
  • In the teaser image, the words "Terrible things comes in small packages" can be clearly seen, which refers to the size of him (if the image is brightened up, it can be seen that he is about hip height, sitting in a hallway).
  • Plushtrap's counterpart is Nightmare Balloon Boy.
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