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Plugg Firetail
Plugg Firetail was a secondary villain in the Redwall book Triss. He is an anthropomorphic fox and captain of the pirate galley Seascab. He had silver fur and a fiery red tail and wielded a battle-axe. He was hired by Princess Kurda to transport them to Mossflower. During the trip, he and Kurda argued constantly. When they got to Mossflower, Triss's company sets a trap to sink the Seascab but only succeds in cutting off Plugg's tail. Plugg's crew tired of Kurda's tirade and a fight broke out between the two vermin leader, in which Plugg's battleaxe got stuck in a tree. Plugg attempted to remove it but was attacked and killed by three adders that dwelled in Brockhall.

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