Plesiosaurus is a minor antagonists in Turok: Son of Stone.

Role in the Storyline

In the movie, Turok, Andar and Catori head for shore with the broken log, but their attention attracts a deadly Plesiosaurus, which proceeds to attack. It destroys their log, and Andar is knocked out. Catori rushes to save her son before the Plesiosaurus kills them both; however, Turok begins to shoot arrows at the beast. The angered sea monster immediately bites Turok on the left side of his torso.

Enraged, Turok latches on the sea monster's head and begins to bash its head with his tomahawk. The Plesiosaurus roars in pain as blood comes out, then the blood attracts a large aquatic reptile, Tylosaurus. As Turok is about to make another strike, the Tylosaurus bursts out of the water and snatches the Plesiosaurus in its jaws as Turok jumps off. As Turok, Catori and Andar swim for shore, the wounded and helpless Plesiosaurus meets its end as the Tylosaurus shakes it in its jaws before devouring it whole.