(Darkhold#9-10, 12) - Playmate is a creation of the witch-child, Diabolique. After she kills a victim, she gains the ability to manipulate his or her form and soul, merging it along with others into the composite form of Playmate. Her Playmate destroyed an entire sect of Darkholders led by her father, DeGuzman.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#160-163) - The same or another Playmate contained numerous victims slain in the subways of Brooklyn by it and or Diabolique. This versions nature (ie. souls in agony) was attractive to the demon sorceress Salome' causing her to consent to become Diabolique's mentor. However, this version was destroyed by Vengeance, who recognized one its component victims, and accepted the pain his hellfire would cause himself in order to put it out of its misery.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#173) - Another Playmate was formed, starting with Wendy Sue Niceiza, the wife of Reverend Nice, who, in a moment of temporary insanity, agreed to sacrifice her in order to stop Vengeance. This Playmate enabled Diabolique to slay Vengeance's lover, Rebecca Taylor, frame Vengeance for her death, and teleport to safety.