Platypus Brothers

The Platypus Brothers are minor villains from Camp Lazlo. They are the four brothers of Edward Platypus.


The names of the four brothers are Cheasly, Mel, Fancy Pants, and Phillip. They seem to bully their younger brother Edward. Cheesely is noted to have large muscles. Mel seems to be a tall basketball player. Fancy Pants is a wealthy millionaire who takes everything fancy. Phillip has zits on his face and wears a sweat shirt. Edward sometimes talks about stories of his brothers being at Camp Kidney. There is proof that they have been scouts before him like in the "Great Snipe Hunt", in which Edward explained his brother Mel was a camper. In "Movie Night", He mentions his brothers watching a horror film. They also make an appearance near the end of "Hold it Lazlo" when they (except one) speak. As mentioned in the episode "Burpless Bean", the camp called all four of Edward's older brothers who look very successful to watch Edward in his performance. They also appear in "Seven Deadly Sandwiches" to watch a play at Camp Kidney, and were actually proud of the play.