Plasma Demons

The Plasmas

The Plasmas are bat-like, shape-changing demons and enemies in Devil May Cry. Their ability to copy the actions of the devil hunter Dante and to multiply make them particularly troublesome to fight. In addition, they are immune to the weapons Nightmare-β and Alastor. They are encountered in the castle on Mallet Island.


Plasma Bat

A Plasma demon in the form a giant, one-eyed bat.

The Plasmas are evil spirits that manifests through electricity, usually in the form of giant, one-eyed bats.They also has the ability to transform into the shape of their opponent, allowing it to copy their behaviors and actions, and they can separate into two new bodies, each fully recovered, though this usually happens only when it is attacked with a sword. The only sure way to prevent this multiplication is to eliminate all Plasmas present nearly simultaneously. Because of their ability to manipulate ambient energy, they can bend light, and is immune to electrical attacks.

While in bat form, a Plasma is able to fire a blade of electricity that travels quite fast, though it telegraphs this attack by charging its body with light, first. It is also able to fire a beam of charged electricity that sweeps horizontally across the room, but this is slow enough to spot and avoid by jumping.


  • Plasma in physics and chemistry is a state of matter similar to gas in which a portion of the particles are ionized. This ionization gives plasma its unique properties, such as filamentation (a la splitting), and causes it to display extremely complex behavior not easily described by mathematical equations.
  • Plasma appears in the PSP version of the Capcom game Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble as an alternate costume for Dante.