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Plasma Bomber is the main villain of Super Bomberman 2 and the leader of the other villains (officially known as the Fiendish Bombers) - he acts as the boss of the final world (stage 5-7 and 5-8 respectively).

Plasma Bomber takes the form of a green cyborg and attacks using plasma-bombs, which he can throw across the battlefield.

After meeting defeat in the battle of world 5-7 Plasma Bomber gets into his giant-robot to act as the boss of world 5-8.

Plasma Bomber's robot resembled a giant skeletal monster and attacks via powerful charges and the release of ghost like enemies - also unlike other robots Plasma Bomber's machine continues to fight even when it loses parts of its structure (such as its arms).

After Bomberman defeats his machine Plasma Bomber tries to call a truce only to be knocked out by a blast from behind - revealing a new enemy in the form of General Ganzu (who becomes the final boss of the game).

Plasma Bomber would return in Super Bomberman 3 alongside the rest of the Fiendish Bombers and became a recurring opponent of Bomberman.

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