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The Plant Alien is a villain that appears in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode The Big Story.
Plant Alien Big Story


The plant alien looks like a pod with vines planted into the ground. When the plant alien bloomed it popped out of the ground and had one eye with a dark purple outline.


It crash landed into a cave on Thursday May 25, and attacked Jimmy Jones while he was investigating the area for some alien activity since the Bellwood bus came late.

Powers and Abilities

The plant alien can use its vines as arms to grab its victim and hold them above itself in as a way to eat the victim. It can also shoot a wave of goo from its mouth. It can imprison people in weird containers and create clones of them, although without the real version's powers. It was also able to take the Ultimatrix from Ben.


Its weaknesses are fire and peanuts, causing it to shrivel up and die. It also prevents it from creating clones of people whom have recently eaten peanuts.

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