Already an established crime boss, the Planner explained to his gang that he would impersonate Captain America to draw the hero out. The Planner sought Cap's shield, which he considered the greatest defensive weapon of all time. He also erroneously believed that Cap was still using electronics in his shield provided by Tony Stark. Costumed as Cap, the Planner robbed a number of banks in New York City with his gang, claiming that he was Captain America and that he wanted payment for all his public service.

Soon, police and reporters surrounded Avengers Mansion, seeking answers from Cap. Hoping to further the hysteria, the Planner struck at a jewelry store. Captain America, back at the mansion, decided that he knew where the Planner was hiding and walked into his secret headquarters. After defeating the Planner's gang, Cap encountered the Planner himself. After Cap punched him once, the Planner fled along a secret route into an electric plant, and began firing on Cap with the proton gun. Cap, unfazed, charged ahead and quickly beat the Planner. As the Planner ranted about the devices in the shield, Cap indignantly corrected him, saying that the shield was not gimmicked and that a weapon is only as good as its wielder.