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Plank's just lookin' for kicks!
~ Jonny 2x4

Plank is an inanimate piece of wood from "Ed, Edd n' Eddy". He is one of the two secondary antagonists in the finale (along with Eddy's Brother) as Splinter the Wonderwood and Timber the Dark shard


Plank belongs to a twelve-year-old boy named Jonny 2x4 and lives in the Peach Creek cul-de-sac. He seems to be alive and pulling on Jonny's strings making him his puppet as hinted in Tinker Ed when he was reading a book about mind control with 2x4 with a blank, staring, smile on his face. In Gimmie, Gimmie, Never Ed, he tried to kill the Eds by tricking them into going on a dangerous junkyard ride and tricked them "claiming" that he was going on with them. After the Eds plummeted to the bottom of the ride, he had Jonny quickly reclaim the money he had spent, and called it a day at the Ed's expense. He has a superhero alter-ego named Splinter the Wonderwood and appears as the good guy. However, he (Splinter) was defeated by the kids after they become the Eds' friends. Shortly after he and Captain Melonhead (Jonny) become supervillains, called The Gourd, and Timber the Dark Shard. They assumed these villainous roles in order to get revenge on the cul-de-sac kids, but Plank tells Jonny that the movie was over, much to Jonny's displeasure.

Gimme Gimme Never Plank

Gimmie Gimmie Never Ed

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