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Plague Hulk miniature - created by Forge World.

Plague Hulks are Daemon Engines dedicated to the Chaos God known as Nurgle and are based on the Soul Grinders - however due to the corruption of Nurgle they have the upper portion of a swollen, disease-ridden daemon of Nurgle and the lower portion of a daemonic machine that sends waves of destruction across the battle-field.

As a servant of Nurgle the terrible Plague Hulks are maggot-infested lumps of daemon flesh capable of vomitting out a tide of filth that rots flesh and corrodes metal, it's arm is fused with a Rot Cannon and its other hand carries a gigantic Plague Sword.

In addition to the inhuman strength capable of tearing through almost any armor this daemon is surrounded by flesh-searing poison that creates clouds around it, making it deadly for enemies to get near enough to attack.


  • Rot Cannon: a foul weapon of Nurgle. Consisting of an arcane cannon, it belches out shells impregnated with ichor and infection that can cause agonizing death from a mere scratch.
  • Plague Sword - a blade covered in a film of poisonous pus likely to kill any it infects who don't die from the initial strike.

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