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I am Piece of Crap, welcome to... hell.
~ Pizzak'Rapp to Lister

Pizzak'Rapp is the antagonist from the Red Dwarf novel Backwards. He is one of the Agonoids who promised revenge to humans.


Pizzak'Rapp joined the group of Agonoids who survived the war they were created by humans for. When humans decided to destroy their "inventions", Agonoids simply fled and promised revenge.

Three million years later, the Agonoids find abandoned Red Dwarf and discover there is only one human alive in the space: Dave Lister. They transform one part of the ship into the Death Wheel that would trap the crew in the center and the chosen Agonoid would be allowed to torture them to death.

Pizzak, just like every Agonoid abroad, hopes to be The One. He and other Agonoids are just in the center, looking at all torture devices, when the most intelligent of them, Djuhn'Keep, turns on traps in the Death Wheel to make sure he would be The One.

The panic starts and Pizzak, led by natural desire to survive, grabs a laser spear and kills several Agonoid in order to leave the center as fast as possible. He successfully gets into the landing bay when Djuhn'Keep opens its gates, releasing all survived Agonoids into the space.

However, Pizzak manages to fasten by the cable to the coming Starbug, much to Djuhn'Keep's anger. He then notices Kryten's legs sticking up the craft. Pizzak hears people inside and understands what happened on Starbug: something made a hole in their hull, so they put Kryten in and weld him and now the human is about to go to the space to take Kryten out.

Pizzak can't believe his luck. He simply throws Kryten out and puts himself into the hole instead, waiting for the human. When Lister finally shows up, he is pretty surprised to see Pizzak in the hole. The happy Agonoid knocks him out and takes him the Starbug's gate. He is already planning how to torture Lister and his friends, as well as Djuhn'Keep for his betrayal.

Suddenly, the gate is opened and Pizzak is attacked by Ace Rimmer. Thanks the moment of surprise, Ace manages to set Lister free and beats Pizzak up. Unfortunately, Pizzak notices Ace's jet pack, grabs his opponent's feet and tries to take the pack for himself. There is only one choice; Ace flies with Pizzak as away from Starbug as possible, and then unzips the jet pack, sending it into the deep space. Angry Pizzak can't catch it now, so he makes a hole in Ace's helmet at least, killing him.