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Pixies are villains in the animated series The Fairly OddParents.  They are magical beings just like Fairies, except that they are dull and boring and they treat magic just like a business. Their primary plans are to take over Fairy World, but every time they do so, they are thwarted by Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Pixies have cellphones in place of wands, Jorgen Von Strangle calls them pointy headed freaks and uses them as darts. They all reside in Pixie World and they are led by their leader the Head Pixie and his assistant Sanderson. The Pixies are supposedly the ones who supported, if even help create, the boring and unfun safety camps.



  • Cosmo has ever being part of them, he's ranked 'RICE PRESIDENT'.
  • No female pixie fairy has appeared, which could mean the pixies are only male.
  • Even though they are boring and dull, they have been know to rap
  • All pixies are voiced by Ben Stein.
  • Pixies are not only boring, but revel in it.

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