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Pixie is one of Moo's Big Bad Four on the Monster Rancher anime. She is the most human-looking monster in the show, with two horns, leathery batlike wings, and a long whiplike tail. Her servant is Big Blue.

Pixie is the first of the Big Bad Four to fight the Searchers. She enslaved the inhabitants of a village, with her followers the Clays bossing them around. For his failure to defeat the Snatchers, Pixie killed Captain Clay, and then fought the Searchers. They eventually gained the advantage over her, and she took out one of the pillars of the ruins with a Torpedo. Genki and Big Blue saved her from the falling rubble, and she left with Big Blue. From here, she officially turned good and helped the Searchers out several times. She was with them when they attacked Naga's castle.

Pixie was mortally wounded by Moo, so Big Blue fused with her to turn her into Granity and save her life, though it meant sacrificing his own existence. She watched the final battle between Moo and the Phoenix as they destroyed each other.


Pixie uses Flame Wall, a wall of fire to defend against attacks. She also uses Torpedo, a ball of lightning, and zaps enemies with bolts of electricity called Lightning.

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